Happy Mother’s Day

Well, our May started off with smiles, as our daughter, Megan broke the news that she and boyfriend, Hawk, are going to get married next year, September ’15. Actually, they will first be married in the beautiful Stockholm Stadshus, where the Nobel Prize Dinner and Awards is held, and then, with all their friends, they will travel half way around the world to have a traditional Hawaiian wedding by the water. Wonderful news for any mother to hear! We are thrilled and so happy for them. We’ll keep you updated.

Just went with my mother to see her painting of Mary Alice Nogues, which is now varnished and framed in a stunning koa frame (by Richard Cunningham) and on display for a short while at HPA’s Isaac’s Center. She painted this huge painting many years ago depicting Queen Kahahumanu, and it is now finally come home to live with Bernard and Mary Alice, which is most fitting!

While we were there, I found a gem! We hope we will be able to offer it, here on line. It is a one-of-a-kind, and we are excited to see what will happen!!! Stay Tuned!

Merrie Monarch Fair New Image!
Merrie Monarch Fair
New Image!