Merrie Monarch Fair

Merrie Monarch roared past like a freight train. It is always wonderful to see old friends and make new ones! I think this year was even busier than last year, which was the 50th Anniversary. Fantastic entertainment was provided by so many talented people and children. There were more booths than ever and more shoppers, who I think must have had a hard time knowing where to spend their money with so many beautiful things available. I didn’t have much time to go around and hug on my vendor friends in their booths, my main regret. Thank you to everyone who stopped by. It was super busy at times so I hope we connected and shared a few words. It was wonderful to catch up with those who we did have time to talk to.

A special word about Kamehameha students that not only performed for us but who came to check out the Fair. I was so impressed with your demeanor, sharp good looks, and gracious smiles. You all did Hawaii proud and I will give Kamehameha schools, parents and students and A+ for presenting yourself so admirably! I wanted to shout at everyone there, “Look! This is our future!” Thank you for your presence.
See you next year!

Some Catching Up Happy Mother’s Day
Some Catching Up
Happy Mother’s Day